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Yes! I am now a Crizal Ambassador! =D

I am so excited because I have been wearing spectacles since I was 9 years old, and since then, my life has never been the same. I eventually switched to wearing contact lens for convenience’s sake, but I still wear my specs on a daily basis when I am home.

If you have been a specs wearer, you should be well familiar with the ‘challenges’ we deal with on a daily basis. Just a simple act of alighting from an air-conditioned bus on a hot day can cause much distress! Our entire lens will be covered in vapour and we have to clean it before we can continue on our journey. Just a small touch of our specs to adjust it will cause fingerprints to be left on the lens and it’s very irritating to keep seeing a smudge! So, more cleaning of the lens is in order.

Finally, some decent lenses have been created to eliminate much of these factors that can decrease the comfort of wearing spectacles!

Presenting to you, CRIZAL LENS.


Crizal is the only lens that can combat the 5 enemies of clear vision - reflections, scratches, smudges, water and dust. Inferior lens will always face these common problems, which can affect vision in the long term as wearers suffer perpetual discomfort, develop eye fatigue and eye strain, and possibly other eye problems over time. In comparison, you can see that Crizal lenses (right side of each picture) are able to withstand these ‘irritating’ factors!


I was invited to the Integrated Eye Centre at Vivo City to learn more about Crizal lens and how wonderful it is. Before I stepped in, I have to admit that I thought all lenses are the same, and that the most important part about making a pair of spectacles is to find one that’s pretty and comfortably sit on my nose bridge. Now, I know lenses play a very critical role!

Met up with two very lovely staff from Crizal, and they went through a simple but informative presentation on how Crizal lens is able to provide clear vision for wearers. Basically, Crizal lenses have anti-static properties that help to keep dust and grit particles at bay. Hence, it is incredibly convenient and simple to keep lenses clean and free of blurriness.

This is a simple demo on the anti-static property of Crizal. After rubbing the surface of both lens (Normal lens on right and Crizal on left), I could see very clearly how the Styrofoam balls were stuck to the surface of the normal lens, but none could be found on Crizal.


The staff also demonstrated how easily the lens could be wiped clean as compared to normal lens. I must say I am CONVINCED! =D


And so, I was going to make a new pair of spectacles using Crizal lenses so that I can experience for myself, the goodness of Crizal! Big thanks to Crizal for their kind sponsorship!

Went for a detailed eye check. So impressed with the professionalism of the optometrist – She was polite, meticulous and very patient!




Happy with the prescription. Everything looked clear! And I’m looking forward to even clearer vision with Crizal lenses are used!


And finally, choosing the frames for my complimentary spectacles. =)


This is the pair I chose in the end! A red frame! (Pardon the black words on the lenses. It’ll not be there on the final pair of specs of course LOL!)


Can’t wait to get my hands on my new pair of spectacles! It’s going to be my first pair of specs with Crizal lenses!

Thank you once again, Crizal! =D


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