Coca-Cola Can Glasses To Be Won!

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Now, how many of you want this?

2011 Can Glas PR Kit Image


Yes you’re right. These are the Coca-Cola can glasses given away at Mc’Donalds with every value meal purchased. 6 designs in all and one design is released each time. Now, you can own this entire set in a special collectors’ box with a simple click! I know I definitely want one set for myself!

Coca-Cola is celebrating 125 years of happiness this year, and they are looking for 10 lucky people to give away a full set of Coca-Cola Can Glass set to.

Coca-Cola Can Glass Group2

Submit your earliest memory of Coca-Cola under 100 words to by 30 July, and you might just be one of the lucky winners! Hop over now and win this gorgeous set of Coca-Cola can glasses TODAY! =D


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