Concert: Elson Soh

I got an SMS from a friend recently, telling me that he’s going to have his 1st concert in July! His name is Elson Soh and honestly I think that his songs are not too bad for a Singaporean. Apparently he sings in 3 of the nation’s languages, English, Mandarin and Bahasa Melayu. He is pretty talented considering that he knows how to play the piano, the cello and the drums!! Very talented chap.

I first met Elson at a blogging event sometime last year. We were among the 6 finalists for a F&N blogging competition. My 1st impression of Elson was that he was very easy-going and friendly, and has a great passion in his music.


True enough, he isn’t exactly Wang Lee Hom or JJ Lin material but still it seems like he is set to be the next big thing here in Singapore. One thing about local talent is that it does not allow newcomers to come in easily and those who have shot to stardom, like Stefanie Sun, JJ Lin and Tanya Chua seem to have lesser exposure after bursting out into the local music scene like a firework. So it’s really heartening to hear that he has a chance to hold a concert here in Singapore! Really so happy for him. =)

Elson’s concert will be on Sat, 9 July at The Max Pavilion. Tickets are going on sale at $168/$128/$88/$48. Get your tickets today and support our local talents!!! =D

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