Proclaiming that God Will Do It Again & Again

I believe it was no coincidence that while I was thinking about the sermon I was going to preach in cell group meeting this week that God reminded me of this period in my life when I would blog about my revelations and thoughts. There was some 13 years ago, when I was not yet a full-time staff in City Harvest Church. As I read through two years’ worth of blog posts, I marvelled at the pure faith I had then. Every post I read inspired me and literally blew me away. Those were revelations that God spoke to me, prophecies given over my life and encounters I had with God, which I could no longer recall until I read it again. I was glad that I penned down every one of those encounters on the blog and that 13 years later, God would prompt me to re-read everything and feel encouraged all over again (by my own writings!) I have no doubt that it must be the Hand of God.

And so I decided that I should restart this good habit of documenting down my encounters and thoughts once again, so that I can keep reminding myself of the goodness of God and proclaiming that God will do it again and again. Also, I’ve found that as I verbalize my thoughts, God’s purpose becomes clearer to me. I pray that as I share my encounters in the coming days, you who read it will be blessed as well. :)


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